Let’s make sure you have everything easily accessible and up to date on your phone – emergency contacts, alerts, a find my phone feature and anything else that can bring efficiency and ease to an unexpected, stressful situation.

Alerts. Make sure you have the tools you need to receive and share them!

Receive important alerts: download the following mobile apps and click around in them to get used to the different interfaces.

Share information: alerts go both ways – we are also responsible for sharing out relevant information so the community has real time access to what’s going on: contribute to your community’s news feed and stay in the loop:

SoCo Connect is an integrated constituent relationship management system for submitting service requests, monitoring progress and sending photos to the County of Sonoma. 

PG&E Report It allows you to send photos of possible safety issues with our electric system to help us keep your community safer. The mobile app is only available in English; to report safety issues in another language, call 1-800-743-5000.

Emergency Contacts: Update and organize them!

    Choose a few emergency contacts: some people in the area, and a few out of towners. Make sure the numbers are up to date! Do you have these names and numbers of your emergency contacts saved and starred in your contacts? Mobile phones have a version of speed dial: favorites or most frequently contacted. Add two emergency contacts to your favorites and practice navigating to their number.