West County Community Organizations


Safer West County works with active organizations in Western Sonoma County that focus on Fire Resiliency, Community Resiliency, Risk Mitigation for fire and other potential disasters, and importantly—Emergency Preparedness.

Each local organization from Guerneville to Freestone and West Sebastopol to Bodega Bay is made of neighbors working together to create a thriving community. These are groups of neighbors creating connections, planning area priorities, and making things happen. The work done at the community level is the work that will make the difference in how resilient your area is in any disaster, including fire. Get to know your neighbors, create alternative evacuation plans, and coordinate group work days to make everyone’s job a little easier.


Wildfire Protection and Emergency Preparedness Committee (WP/EP)

This group meets monthly to investigate ways we can reduce our risk of wildfire and improve our emergency preparedness–working on things from researching fuel reduction best practices, getting residents GMRS radios and training, all the way to researching safe practices for generators.

Community Resiliency Organizations


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Current and emerging
Community Resiliency organizations
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If you have not already signed up with your community, we urge you to do so. It will help you stay informed, connect you with others in an emergency, and provide you with a wealth of information.  If you don’t see your community represented, reach out and perhaps we can help you grow an active community group. 

By joining Safer West County and identifying which community is your hometown, we will connect you with your local Fire Safe Community and send you monthly newsletters with important resources We will never give your contact information to anyone else!

Whether you choose to participate at a local level or at the wider West County level — please get involved. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, make new friends, and increase your sense of belonging in your community while creating a safer home. 

If you would like to volunteer, we could use help. Please let us know which community is your home and we will have the group leader connect with you. And if you have something specific you would like to be involved with, let us know that, too!