Reducing the Risk of Wildfire

Safer West County focuses on three key actions to reduce the risk of fire in West County:

    • Home Hardening
    • Defensible Space – fuel reduction and
    • Forest and Watershed Health

While the last two are important, when it comes to protecting your home, studies show that homes hardened to fire have a much higher survival rate. Protecting homes and landscapes against wildfires not only increases survival rates but also makes it easier for firefighters to defend homes.

We offer workshops, webinars, and newsletters to help communities improve the likelihood of surviving a fire. The organization also seeks grants to reduce individual and community costs, such as fuel reduction along evacuation routes.

Wildfires affect everyone. We encourage neighbors to share information with their communities and collaborate with neighboring communities to achieve better results. Our organization provides resources to guide efforts toward a fire-safe community.

There is a wealth of information that Safer West County is gathering to help you do this important work. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each area.


Other risk mitigation efforts

While fire has been the focus of much of our effort since 2017, we recognize that floods and other risks are also part of West County’s experience, so Safer West County continues to expand our impact in these areas as we have volunteers interested in helping us expand the good we can do.