Prepare Yourself

We have heard it over and over on the airplane, put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. You cannot be of service to your family or community if you aren’t safe yourself. So what do you need to prepare?

Sonoma County’s Emergency Preparedness webpage offers valuable information to BE PREPARED:

What’s a Go-Bag?

Have a go-bag packed and ready during fire season that includes all the important things you need to grab if you have no warning before evacuating. Many people just keep these already packed in their car. Then have easily accessible and gathered in some fashion all the things you cannot pack ahead of time but would need to grab—medicine, checkbooks, laptops, phone chargers.

Personal Preparedness Go Bags should contain a minimum of 72 hours’ worth of essential supplies you’ll need, including emergency water, food, blankets, lights, dust mask, and copies of important documents that will help you through any situation. Include this Pocket Guide in your Go Bag with your emergency contact information:

VISIT the American Red Cross website for a full list of Survival Kit Supplies

Other Resources

Great information from Calfire can be found here.