Your Home and Family

Prepare Your Family and Housemates

Personalize your plan with details that pertain to you, your family, and your neighborhood

Make sure everyone in your household knows what your evacuation zone is and what to do in the event of an emergency, where things are that need to be grabbed, what to shut, and what to move. If you have ever been in a true emergency, you know how hard it is to communicate in an emergency. Do the communicating now.

Below is a template for what to consider doing depending on the amount of time you have. Read it over with the family and personalize it for your needs.

Additional tools and information can be found through SoCoEmergency’s webpage: Make a Plan

DOWNLOAD this printable Emergency Plan to prepare your custom plan:

Evacuation Preparedness and Evacuation

Read this “working document,” for ideas you and your family want to think through before an emergency, and then use it as an assignment and check-off list. It includes things to inside your home, outside, and what to carry with you when evacuating. Read more

A Comprehensive Plan

Checklist for pets

When planning your own evacuation, make sure to consider the extra time and supplies you need for yo. r pets. Here is list to get you started. Read more